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The Midnight

The Midnight Wiki

Welcome to the official wiki for The Midnight by Cryptic Mushroom! This is the official source for information on The Midnight 0.6.0 and above. It is currently maintained by the active developers of Cryptic Mushroom's The Midnight Development Team, but if you ever want to add something, feel free to find out how to contribute to the wiki.

More Information

Please note that we will only ever post downloads of our mod on CurseForge and GitHub Releases. If you find our mod posted anywhere else, do not download it as it may be modified with malware that can harm your computer!

CurseForge Page

We officially release The Midnight on our CurseForge page.

GitHub Repository

The source code for The Midnight can be found on our GitHub repository. You are also able to find releases of The Midnight on there as well. More information on the source code and how to contribute to The Midnight can be found there.


You can view all credits to the The Midnight on the credits page.