This mod is a huge collaborative effort with tons of different ideas, coding, and textures pitched in by varying individuals who came together to build something great. We wouldn't be where we are today without the help of those here today and those who worked on this mod in the past. Below is a list of members who participated in the development of The Midnight.
If you are a contributor on this list and want your name to link to a different site, don't hesitate to let anyone on The Midnight Development Team know. You can find us on our discord server.

The Midnight Development Team

Cipher Zero X - Project Lead, Mastermind, Modeler
RedGalaxySW - Lead Programmer
Jonathing - Lead QA, Community Manager, Programmer, Musician
Lachney - Lead Sound Designer, Lead Musician
123wdog - Lead Modeler

Active Collaborators

bagu_chan - Programmer, Texturer

Former and Inactive Developers

gegy1000 - Former Programmer
Martacus - Former Programmer
arthurbambous - Former Programmer
Corail31 - Former Programmer
Endergized - Former Texturer
Five (Paradiscal) - Former Texturer
MCVinnyq - Former Texturer, Former Modeler
ZombieEnderman5 - Contributor
veesus mikhel heir - Contributor
Terenx - Contributor
KingPhygieBoo - Contributor