Rewriting The Midnight

As many of you know, Cryptic Mushroom's The Midnight Development Team is planning on completely rewriting the entirety of The Midnight. On this page, you will find various pieces of information such as what we have publically confirmed for the rewrite, the development roadmap, and more.

Current Development Status

  • Adding basic blocks, fluids, and items along with their particles, properties, and possible effects.
  • Remodeling, retexturing, and (possibly) reconceptualizing a handful of existing mobs that are in the mod.

What's planned for the rewrite?

The following is information we have publicly confirmed will be a part of the rewrite.

  • The Midnight: Rewritten (0.6.0) will not be backwards compatible with any previous version of The Midnight. In addition, there are no plans to backport the rewrite to any Minecraft version below the version that 0.6.0 is being written for (currently Minecraft 1.16.4). Essentially, we will be dropping all support for previous versions of The Midnight.
  • Entrance rifts will be reworked. This includes dark pearls, and they will most likely no longer be used to generate rifts. There will be two different kinds of rifts: a permanent structure that can be generated in the overworld and a temporary rift that can be made by the player.
  • Rifters will be completely redone and will be implemented last. We are most likely going to remove their double-jointed limby animations.
  • Many balance issues The Midnight currently holds will be addressed (some balance issues and bugs were addressed in 0.5.10). We plan on making The Midnight much more demanding, unforgiving, and rewarding.
  • There will be an entirely new skybox (not as bright) accompanied by a new shader system (written by our lead programmer Shadew) that the mod will use to an extent for game progression. Our new shader system is still experimental but has been successfully tested in a branch called old/feature/1.15.2-postfx-shaders and we will continue to use it as much as we can towards our advantage.